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Oil Painting 油彩

Girls who live and travel in a mysterious world

Oil Painting

Japanese Traditional Painting x Girls

Ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) was mass-produced during the Edo period using woodblock printing techniques and offered art to the general public. It introduced many innovative elements in terms of color, composition, and design to Japan.
And Ukiyo-e had a great influence on art and culture not only in Japan but also in the West. In particular, European impressionist and post-impressionist painters were inspired by Ukiyo-e and incorporated it into their artistic expression.
Ukiyo-e has also influenced modern Japanese manga and anime, and is vaguely familiar to us. We have included a young girl in this Ukiyo-e. Are there any Ukiyo-e you are familiar with?
While keeping the composition and outline of Japanese traditional painting, I pursued an original and fresh expression by adding realistic expressions and metallic colors of modern paints.

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